Who is My Neighbor? Weekly Topics, Readings, and Media Links

This is an archive page of the weekly themes, media links, and blog pages for the Who is My Neighbor virtual conversation hosted during Ordinary Time 2013.  Please click on the discussion page link for an archive of each week's content.

Thank you for being a part of this conversation with us!

Sarah Kye Price (vestry, blogger)
Mary Sulerud (Interim Rector)

Who is My Neighbor Weekly Overview

Weekly Theme Gospel Reading  Media Links St. Thomas Discussion Page Link

July 14, Week 1

Being a Good Samaritan

Luke 10:25-37 

Unexpected Mercy Photo Memory

Poverty Insights

Week 1 Discussion

July 21, Week 2

Radical Hospitality of Martha and Mary

Luke 10:38-42

Radical Hospitality to Others

Radical Hospitality to Ourselves

Week 2 Discussion

July 28, Week 3 

The Gift of Sharing Daily Bread 


Luke 11:1-13

Holy Conversation

Take This Bread

People, not Problems

Week 3 Discussion

August 4, Week 4

Wealth, Justice and the Parable of a Rich Man

Luke 12:13-21

Wealth vs. Justice

Remaking Jesus

Week 4 Discussion

August 11, Week 5

Waiting in Anticipation


Luke 12:32-40

Rediscovering Ourselves

Waiting as an Act of Faith

Week 5 Discussion

August 18, Week 6

Dealing with Division


Luke 12:49-56

Sidling Up to Differences

Shouting across the Divide

Week 6 Discussion

August 25, Week 7

Healing our Neighbors and Ourselves


Luke 13:10-17

Before I die...

Reach Inside Each Other's Pain

This Bitter Earth

Week 7 Discussion

September 1, Week 8

All Guests are Welcome

Luke 14:1, 7-14

Bishop Robinson on the Church and Same-Sex Marriage

Take the "other" to lunch

Week 8 Discussion

September 8, Week 9

Following Jesus with our Neighbors

Luke 14:25-33


Price of Individualism


Week 9 Discussion

September 15, Week 10

Seeking the Lost

Luke 15:1-10

What Life was Like Before

Lost in America

Blank on Blank Bono

Week 10 Discussion

September 22, Week 11

When Rules Fail Us

Luke 16:1-13

Breaking the Rules to Change the Neighborhood

Practical Wisdom 

Week 11 Discussion

September 29, Week 12

Crossing the Chasm (Rich Man and Lazarus)

Luke 16:19-31

Wealth, Poverty, and Giving

Class Divided

A Lesson from Nelson Mandela

Week 12 Discussion

October 6, Week 13

Increase our Faith!

Luke 17:5-10

Mustard Seed

Stories of Faith in our Human Neighborhood (This I Believe):

John Updike

Alaa El-Saad

Joel Engardio

Eve Ensler

John Fountain

Susan Cosio

Andrew Brodsky

Week 13 Discussion

October 13, Week 14

Giving Thanks and Practicing Gratitude

Luke 17:11-19

Brene Brown: Soften into Joy

Practicing Gratitude

Week 14 Discussion

October 20, Week 15

Persisting in our Prayers

Luke 18:1-8

If I should have a daughter...

On Being: Words and Prayers

Week 15 Discussion

October 27, Week 16

Loving Our Neighbors as God Loves Us

Luke 18:9-14

Loving as God Loves Us

Sharing in Divine Grace

Week 16 Discussion