Saved by Ira Glass


Forty days of online media to captivate your soul, from Radiolab, This American Life, Storycorps, and more.

What does 'salvation' mean?
Scripture gives many answers.
Jesus had a few of his own.
Such as:
Being rescued from slavery.
Hope for the future.
Living a meaningful life.
Coming home.
Befriending death.

Join us for forty days of listening, watching, reading, absorbing wisdom from all over the world as we ask, 'What is salvation?' together. Absorb each day's link on your own, time and comment here on each individual link. Join us  Sunday mornings at 10:15am for Bible study and discussion in person.

Ash Wednesday

Wednesday, Feb. 13

Today: Ash Wednesday

 'If I knew where all your atoms are right now, you could always come back.'

Thursday, Feb. 14

This week: Where do we start at a conversation about 'salvation'?

'When theology and doctrine become separated from emotion we end up with something dysfunctional and even monstrous.'
  Friday, Feb. 15 'All right then, I'll go to hell.'
  Saturday, Feb. 16

'Myth is not about something that never happened, but about something that happens over and over again.'

Lent I

Sunday, Feb. 17

This week: Salvation might just be rescue from slavery.

The texts this week: Rescue from something that threatened to enslave, control, and destroy our souls.



  Monday, Feb. 18 Rescue from slavery: Picture a box.
  Tuesday, Feb. 19 Rescue from beliefs: "Heretics" on This American Life.
  Wednesday, Feb. 20 Rescue from abusive relationships: Why Domestic Violence Victims Don't Leave, at
  Thursday, Feb. 21 Rescue from wealth: Downward Mobility in an Upscale World, at
  Friday, Feb. 22 Rescue from yourself: Help! from Radiolab
  Saturday, Feb. 23 Rescue from fear: The Battle of Words vs. Fear
Lent II

Sunday, Feb. 24

This week: Salvation is having hope for a better future.

The texts this week: hope for the future.
  Monday, Feb. 25 Hope for life after losing a limb: Andrew Devries at Storycorps
  Tuesday, Feb. 26 'I am cuckoo, but hope is coming' by Anne Lamott
  Wednesday, Feb. 27 'Jail is a good place to practice being normal.'
  Thursday, Feb. 28 'Hope is a change of direction, being elevated beyond ourselves.'
  Friday, Mar. 1 Hope is something we can do for others: Brene Brown on teaching hope to our children.
  Saturday, Mar. 2 Hope even in death at Storycorps
Lent III

Sunday, Mar. 3

This week:

Salvation is having meaning, purpose, a sense of calling.

The texts this week: meaning, purpose, passion, 'call.'
  Monday, Mar. 4 'What would you be willing to sacrifice?'
  Tuesday, Mar. 5 'You could be a teacher.'
  Wednesday, Mar. 6 'So we can make peace for the kids, for the next generation, for my son.'
  Thursday, Mar.7 Parenting and meaning
  Friday, Mar. 8 Myth and parable
  Saturday, Mar. 9 'Your job is not to be perfect; your job is to be human.'
Lent IV

Sunday, Mar. 10

This week:

Salvation is coming home.

The texts this week: The Prodigal Son.
  Monday, Mar. 11 A second chance at being a better mother
  Tuesday, Mar. 12 The bus stop
  Wednesday, Mar. 13 How do you know where - or who -- home is?
  Thursday, Mar. 14 Faces: The Prodigal Son in sculpture
  Friday, Mar. 15 I just hugged the man that murdered my son.
  Saturday, Mar. 16 The secret to desire in a long-term relationship
Lent V

Sunday, Mar. 17

This week:

Sometimes, salvation means making friends with death.

The texts this week: befriending death.
  Monday, Mar. 18 Doctors talk end-of-life choices
  Tuesday, Mar. 19 End-of-life choices, DIY.
  Wednesday, Mar. 20 Maurice Sendak on Fresh Air
  Thursday, Mar. 21 The burden of security
  Friday, Mar. 22 Designed to die
  Saturday, Mar. 23 All the love in the world goes with you