Mental Health Resources

St. Thomas welcomes everyone.  Our congregation has developed relationships with residents of several local group homes in Richmond's Northside.  Our worship services are integrated for all who wish to attend, and we take care to educate our members about the needs of congregents who may have mental health challenges.  In addition, we offer a Second Saturday drop-in program to provide socialization and support for those in the neighborhood with cognitive and mental health challenges.
Here are links to more information about our programs and past and present.
Second Saturday Drop-In:  serves the adult-home population on the North Side of Richmond. It provides a Saturday morning of fellowship, activities, and food for this population once a month. Volunteers are always welcome! Meets on the second Saturday of each month at 10:00 am at the church.
Congregational Mental Health First Aid Training
Congregational Conversations with NAMI (this is the recent training happening)

Local Referrals, Groups, and Resources