Sunday Thoughts for a Monday World

We spend Sunday together, practicing in community to create a better world: a world in which we greet each other in peace; where we actively work toward forgiveness; where we are taught to look for (and accept) the grace and growth of God's eternal presence in our midst.

And then, there is Monday.

Sometimes our Sunday thoughts are a challenge to put into practice in Monday's world.  In Monday's world, we can be pulled away from our center by work pressures, school schedules, family demands, and the busy pull of life coming at us from all sides.  Monday...and Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday...can be challenging.  But, these are the days that we most intently practice living out, and living into, the fullness of who we are as the hands, the feet, the eyes and the ears of Jesus Christ in the world around us.  The good news is, we don't have to do this on our own.  We have community, and we have the sustaining, renewing power of the Holy Spirit at work with us and around us as we move through our communities and live out our daily lives as people of God.

In this weekly virtual faith formation, we'll be exploring one theme each week from the Gospel lesson.  Each Sunday, through the links on this page, you'll find the text of the Gospel, and a phrase or idea that links that Gospel lesson with something we encounter in our daily lives: community, relationships, justice, politics, work-life balance.  Each week, the themes and questions will unfold a little deeper into our everyday lives through TED talks, podcasts, news stories, music, poetry and a host of other "everyday media" that continue the theme of the Gospel into the world in which we live.  

Join us for a conversation virtually, or in our Sunday Coffee & Conversation and Wednesday Night potlucks where we will keep practicing being Church together, and living deeply in our Sunday community of faith and as we go forth into the world to live out our Sunday thoughts in Monday's world.

Each Sunday, a new pane of the window below will become active with the green circle.  Touching or clicking the link will take you to the weekly reflection:

I ran across this window at work one Monday afternoon.  I was running late and in a hurry, climbing breathlessly up three flights of stairs to a Grant Writing seminar on the medical campus at VCU. My class was in an old building annexed by the University.  This window caught my attention and stopped me in my tracks as the sunlight shone through the stained glass, and I wondered for a moment where I was. I stopped for a moment to take it in.  My thought was: "Slow Down. Breathe. This, too, is a moment of resurrection."    ---Sarah