Serving in Worship! We need your help!



Serving in Worship has never been easier! 
There are three ways to sign up to serve in worship:
1. EMAIL Ruth. Ruth sends out an initial "Sign Up" announcement (around the 10th of every month) and she can sign you up for whatever dates you want. If you aren't on her email list, call and she will add your name and email. Try to sign up within the first five days of the notice going out; after that the Team Leads take over - see the names of the Team Leads below.
2. CALL Ruth in the office when she sends out the initial announcement and she can sign you up for whatever dates you want.
3. SIGN YOURSELF UP as individuals or families! Go to SignUp Genius and electronically sign yourself up. Ruth will see you have added yourself.
Whether you are "old school or new school," you have, at your fingertips, every way possible to Serve in Worship. 
For more information or to offer to serve, contact St. Thomas' Team Leaders for Serving in Worship:

Acolytes - Susan Buchanan, or 804-321-9548

Ushers - Stuart Logan -, 804-304-6806

Eucharistic Ministers - 9 a.m. = Kate Parthemos (;
11 a.m. = Steve Hennessee (

Lesson Readers - Joy Morene (
Children's Time - Andrea Marcinkevicius (

Coffee Hour - Betsy Scott,

Driver (s) - Steve Cummings (

Altar Flower Delivery - Jack Austin (