Cultivating Sacred Space: Lenten Online Faith Formation 2014

Introduction and Weekly Archive of "Cultivating Sacred Space" for Lent 2014

Did you ever wonder what can happen in 40 days?  

  • A tiny, black seed transforms into a full leaf of lettuce, ready to eat on your salad

  • A broken bone has fused itself back together again

  • The average worker bee lives out its full life span

  • A fertilized human egg has grown over 10,000 times its original size

In the forty days we live out during Lent, we also have an opportunity for profound growth: to intentionally cultivate sacred space in our lives.  This holy season is about more than giving up chocolate, or going to an extra mid-week service.  This is a time set aside to reflect on our inner lives and divine potential, to prepare ourselves to walk the path with Christ to the cross and experience anew the glorious and transforming power of resurrection.  

This year, our online Lenten journey intentionally takes on ways to cultivate sacred space in the midst of our daily lives.  Each week will feature a different theme and image, and will include seven "practices" to try on, one for each day.  You can select a practice each day, in any order. The word "practice" is intentional, because that is exactly what we are doing.  In Lent, we are not striving for perfection, nor are we showing off what we're good at, nor are we removing ourselves to a sterile and pure existence.  We are practicing holy moments, intentionally cultivating sacred space within the daily motion of our lives.  And this Lenten season, we have an opportunity to practice together in virtual community.

Let's start our journey together here.  The first days of Lent, starting on Ash Wednesday, offer fertile ground for learning what these practices will look like, and considering how we can support one another's growth by sharing our responses.  The journey begins in the interactive image (below) with a brief walk introducing each of the practices.  This road-map will help familiarize us with the logistics.

We will explore six weekly themes during our Lenten journey together (the links below will become active on Sunday each week, and will remain active during and after Lent). Each theme will have seven practices within it, one for each day.

Here is an archive of each week's "Cultivating Sacred Space" from Lent 2014:

Week 1: Holy Ground (

Week 2: Blessings (

Week 3: Living Water (

Week 4: Seeing the Light   (

Week 5: Stillness (

Week 6: Journeying (

Easter:  Reflections on Resurrection


Go ahead: take the first step.  Let's walk this Lenten journey together while we cultivate sacred space in our lives.


Touch or click on any of the blue circles on the image to follow the link.